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Australian Government Architecture (AGA)

Australian Government Architecture Reference Models

The AGA contains a set of inter-related reference models designed to facilitate cross-agency analysis and the identification of duplicate investments, gaps and opportunities for collaboration within and across agencies. Collectively, the reference models comprise a framework for describing important elements of the AGA in a common and consistent manner. Through the use of this common enterprise architecture framework and vocabulary, ICT portfolios can be better managed and leveraged across the Australian Government.

  • Performance Reference Model (PRM)
  • Business Reference Model (BRM)
  • Service Reference Model (SRM)
  • Data Reference Model (DRM)
  • Technical Reference Model (TRM)

The Australian Government Architecture

The Australian Government Architecture (AGA) aims to assist in the delivery of more consistent and cohesive service to citizens and support the more cost-effective delivery of ICT services by government, providing a framework that:

  • Provides a common language for agencies involved in the delivery of cross-agency services;
  • Supports the identification of duplicate, re-usable and shareable services;
  • Provides a basis for the objective review of ICT investment by government; and
  • Enables more cost-effective and timely delivery of ICT services through a repository of standards, principles and templates that assist in the design and delivery of ICT capability and, in turn, business services to citizens.

There is an Australian Government Architecture How to Use Guide.

While agencies would not be required to replace existing architectural frameworks with the AGA, they should be able to classify their architectures using the AGA reference models. For those agencies that do not already have an architecture in place, or have one that is under review, under the policy to be drafted, it is strongly recommended that they adopt the AGA.

In developing the AGA, AGIMO has adapted the established and proven Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF) developed by the United States Government. This framework is being used in a number of other countries as well as some State Governments in Australia. The framework and these reference models have been endorsed by the Australian Government’s Chief Information Officers Committee.

The AGA is targeted at architects from all disciplines practising within government agencies including those that do not have an enterprise architecture practice or are just initiating an Enterprise Architecture (EA) within their agency. Those involved in program management (e.g. program/project managers, business and investment analysts, systems engineers, application architects, systems developers, etc.) should also refer to the AGA.

The AGA has been released in a series of versions as the content is developed.