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ICT projects

Enterprise Solutions reports on significant investments in whole of Victorian Government ICT and the take up of standards, and identify benefits and future opportunities. This page features resources that relate to ICT project management, with the aim of improving outcomes from projects incorporating and supported by ICT across government.


  • STD/Reporting/01 – ICT reporting standard: This document defines the Victorian Public Service/Sector standard for ICT expenditure and ICT project reporting.
    Download: PDF (126 KB) or DOCX (125 KB) 
  • Assurance/STD/01 – IC Project Quality Assurance Framework: This document provides quality assurance requirements for ICT projects that are not ‘High Value High Risk’.
    Download: PDF (504 KB) or DOCX (661 KB)


    • PM GUIDE 01 Project management methodology selection guideline: Advice for selecting and tailoring a project management methodology.
      Download: PDF (367 KB) or DOCX (62 KB)
    • PM Guide 02 Project investment planning: refer to Department of Treasury and Finance’s investment planning and evaluation guides.
    • PM Guide 03 End-to-end project delivery framework: An outline of end-to-end project mechanisms, including key activities, stage gates, templates, governance, and tools for monitoring and controls.
      Download: PDF (787 KB) or DOCX (758 KB)